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This web-site is about my photography, and the main purpose is to show my photographs. I am doing a lot of travelling as can be seen from my photographs. I am also including some pages related to photography and travel. I have included a few links and downloads I find useful, and that I sometimes tell my friends about. This web-site is currently in it's development as my 3rd generation web-site. The photographs are best viewed on a good screen with full HD resolution. Try hitting the [F11] key to view the site in full-screen. [F11] again to return to normal browser view. You can mousover an image when viewing a slide-show to suspend the slideshows. Clicking on thumbnails opens a full-size image in a new window.


You can e-mail me at: th(the-at-sign) You will get an immediate e-mail response directing you to an image informing about my real e-mail adress. It gives you some additinal moves to reach me, but spares me all the *SPAM*

På Norsk (In Norwegian):

Jeg er norsk, og bor ofte i Norge. Hvorfor skrive på engelsk? Jeg har bodd flere år i utlandet (i tilsammen 8 ulike land inkludert Norge), og reiser mye. Jeg har derfor mange bekjente som ikke snakker norsk. Derimot er det få av mine norske venner som ikke snakker engelsk, så valget var enkelt.


I put my first web-site on the web in 1996, and completely re-wrote it in 2004. After another 10 years, I started on this 3rd generation with a philospophy of much simpler pages with no clutter, no frames or unnecessary fancy stuff. You can visit my old sites here, but they are not updated anymore:

2nd generation site from 2004 - 2014
1st generation site from 1996 - 2004
1st generation site from 1996 - 2004 still active at the original ISP since May 1996 (as of February 2015). They decided to keep the oldest sites alive :-)


I do sometimes get requests to take on paid photographic work, and on rare occasions sell prints. I sometimes do photograpic work as part of surveying technical installations on ships and oil-rigs, but do not put those pictures on the web. Wedding and fashion photography is currently not a main focus for me, but I have done some. For bying prints or the right to use photographs, please check here and e-mail me for details. I have a Norwegian organization number, and will provide a receipt for any purchases made. For use in media or for advertizing, I will charge in the range of USD 100 - USD 1000 depending on use, quantity, duration and exclusivity required.


There is currently no advertisements on this site. (Except for the test image you see to the right. Its link does not work.) I do not depend on income from my web-site, and do not spend time promoting it as a site for ads. Any ads would be placed in the light grey right side of pages that have this. Maximum width is 300 pixels. Very limited amount of ads could also be considered in editorials. Maximum width 640 pixels. I will not have any ads on my front-page slide-shows. If interested, please e-mail me.


Ths site does not use cookies. The only information collected is the statistical data typically collected by most web-servers on the Internet. This web-site has no code written to collect data except for forms where you enter data manually yourself.


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