Links I find useful to have here so that they can be acessed from anywhere. (N) = Norwegian sites


NRK - Norwegian Public Broadcasting general news page.(N)
BBC - British Public Broadcasting general news page.
New York Times general news page.
Din Side, general consumer and technology news. Good articles, but too many ads. (N)
The Verge. Vox Media technology news site
TU. News covering everything technical (N)

General Utilities:

YR, an excellent worldwide weather forcast service.(N+E)
OANDA currency converter

Internet Utilities English:

Wikipedia, often a better source of information than search engines
Duckduckgo. Excellent search engine that doesn't track you. My favourite
Openstreetmap. A free, open license map utility. Preferred over Google Maps etc.
Flightradar 24. Great live flight tracker. Impressive
Livemap 24. A world street map that shows public transport in real time.
Vesselfinder. Tracks marine traffic.
Cambridge English dictionary
Wayback Machine. Archive of old web.sites.

Internet Utilities Norwegian:

Startsiden, Norwegian "startpage" with links & search engines.(N)
Check electic utility costs from different Norwegian providers.(N)
Finansportalen. Compare prices on financial services in Norway.(N)
A page to find the real phone number behind expensive Norwegian short numbers(N)
Statistisk Sentralbyrå (Statistics Norway) konsumprisindeks (N)
Kartverket: Make your own Norway map, also for marine and outdoors (N)

Software libraries and utilities:

NINITE. The best place for free software. Avoids unwanted extras, like garbage toolbars
Another software site: NCH Software. Always check for viruses etc.
Ghostery: A Browser plugin that shows and blocks tracking agents on web-pages
Bulk Rename Utility: A batch file rename utility
Audiograbber: A sound file ripping utility
Freemake: A video and an Audio file format converter utility
Stamp ID3 tag editor: An MP3 file tag (metadata) editor

Web Utilities (for web development):

Check who is behind any domain on the Internet at the ICANN WHOIS database
W3C Markup Validation Service. Validate your web-site to the standards
w3scools Lots of tips and tutorials on web-page writing
Dynamic Drive. Well organized, well written Java scripts for your web-site. Free use
NORID Info on registering a .no domain on the net (N)
Jeffrey's Exif viewer. Check image metadata on the web (and on your own system)
Easycounter. A utility to analyze web-site traffic and other site info

Travel general:

Travel Advice to all countries seen through the eyes of the CIA
Travel Advice to all countries seen through the eyes of the Norwegian UD (N)
List of all airlines and airports in the world
Resource Travel. A travel and photography inspiration site.
Out for 30. Another travel and photography inspiration site.

Travel recommended companies and organizations:

US National Park Service: Excellent on US national parks (official site)
Lonely Planet: Woldwide travel. Lots of links for each country
Tripadvisor: Great for checking and reviewing travel services (Hotels, restaurants etc.)

Photography general: The best camera review site (but they don't have much on lenses)
Photozone lens reviews. Read lens reviews that you won't find on
DXOmark A more scientific approach to their camea and lens tests
Bilder Nordic. Excellent school for photography with focus on fashion photography(N)
Lensrentals. These guys have tons of equipment experience, not only this Nikon article
Michael Reichmann's site on landscape photography and gear. Now a subscription site
Kodak film cross reference table (a blast from the past)
Unsplash. Library of free hi-res photographs


Dave Morrow has a great site on landscape and wilderness hiking and photography
Ming Thein's site has a lot of enjoyable photo-related reading and viewing on his site
Art Wolfe also as an enjoyable photo collection on his site, with focus on travel
Dustin Farrell has a spectacular web-site with fascinating time-lapse videos
Elia Locardis beautiful world travel photos and blog
Ashley Cameron is a Photoshop wizard, and a collection of unique images
Bjørn has a site with lots of info on Nikon lenses, UV photo and other
Robert Sannes. Norwegian professional photographer
Damian Heinisch. German professional photographer working in Norway
Ivar Greftegreff. One of Norway's most experienced commercial photographers (N)

Other sites of iterest to me:

Bærum Undervannsklubb. My scuba dive club in Norway (N)
Dakota Norway is a vintage aircraft club flying a DC3 "Dakota" (N)
A webcam located in a mountain-area near Oslo I often visit
A weather data source and a westward looking webcam located in my neighborhood (N)
Matportalen: An updated report on poisons in clams around the coast of Norway (N)

Sites that might be of interest:

Hifiengine. A HiFi resource page with service and user manuals for download
Hifishark. A HiFi page collecting HiFi classifieds from many sources around the Internet
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Mt Yasur, Vanuatu


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