www.thomashoven.com - Scuba diving and picking scallops at Frøya, Norway

Accomodation at Svellingen

Our scuba dive club has been coming back to the same house available for hire at Svenningen yearly for several years now. Norway's best scallop pics and an accomodating host are two of the main draws.

Zodiac dive-boat

The Zodiac RIB our scuba dive club used for this trip, with the international dive flag posted.


Stinging orange jellyfish.

Scallops on the seabed

Frøya has the best scallops in the world, and they are plentiful here. Ocean currents bring in lots of clean water and food suitable for scallops.

Zodiac at high speed

Returning to the house after another fun day of diving.

Empty scallop shells

We rinse and prepare our scallops just after the catch. The empty shells become favouride picks for the tourists visiting the area, many of the tourists come from Germany for fishing, and scallops are excellent decoration material when you invite guests for seafood.

Aurora Borealis

This spectacular Aurora Borealis (Nordic Light) appeared on a warm early fall night. It is my first time enjoying this sight wearing only a t-shirt. Normally, this is a freezing experience.

Aurora Borealis reflecting in the ocean

This night was also perfctly still, allowing the Aurora Borealis to reflect in the ocean.



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