My portfolio after a one semester full-time photography-class at Bilder Nordic School of Photography

Female portrait in evening sunlight

From a photo-shoot in the foyer of the Opera-house in Oslo, Norway.

Female portrait in window daylight

From a photo-shoot at Tveten farmhouse in Oslo.

Girl with dog

Girl playing with her dog on an early fall day at Strømsdammen near Oslo.

Autumn Leave

Autumn leave on moss. Yes, I did put it there.

Abandoned car

Abandoned car found in the Swedish forests east of Oslo.

Wheelhub caps

Old wheelhubcaps.

Alien Ghost

The task was "Dream" This one turned into a nightmare.

Body raising from coffin

A funeral agency allowed us to use their training room. Yes, they also need to practice what they are doing.

Smoker silouette

This siloette needed quite significant work in post processing to turn out like this, but is based on one image only.

Smoking gun Silouette

Yes, it was a real gun, but the smoke is fake. Modern gunpowder doesn't make much smoke.

Person on open square

A basic idea of highlighting a small main subject is to leave the rest in B&W.

Traces of life

The task war to photofraph "Traces of life". In the city, you find traces of life everywhere.

Sunset between clouds

This sunset picture was taken from my terrace when the sun appeared between to layers of clouds. This photo has seen an absolute minimum of post processing.

Flower closeup

Flower closeup taken by reversing an old Nikkor 20 mm.

black clownfish

A black clownfish seeking shelter in it's anemone. It is a close relative to the more well konwn orange clownfish as seen in the movieabout the clownfish Nemo.


Stonefish can be hard to see. They are poisonous, so better watch out when you touch the sea-bed in tropical waters, here off the coast of Malaysia.

Fashion Girl

The Operahouse in Oslo has many excellent spots for fashion photography.

Fashion Girl

The Operahouse in Oslo has many excellent spots for fashion photography.

Fashion couple

Models. This is composed of two images, one of the models, and another of the palace in Vienna used as a background.

two bottles

Bottles shot in front of a flat lightsource.

Hair product ad

A studio shot of a hair product to the right and a waterfall that makes an association with cleanliness.

Fashion Shoot


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