History of this site

These pages were put on the net for the first time in May 1996, and remained almost unchanged until March 2000. They were then completely rewritten, but used the same simple HTML coding. These pages were kept technically simple to make them available to most people, independent of their equipment and abilities. This also kept them quicker to load - there were still a lot of people out there with slow connections to the net. The pages were entirely made using a plain text editor, except my stories, where I used a word processor that can store the document as HTML.

In 2004 I moved to another ISP, WEB10. The old provider, EUNET, gave a very reliable service, but the web-space was tied to a club membership in "Dataamatørforeningen". This club doesn't exist anymore (pity), and I suspect my old site will soon be removed. However, the change gave me 125 MB web-space compared to the previous sites 5 MB. This new web site of 2004 has now been developed with one simple option to display the old version, and a fancier option using more of the modern web-design features available - including frames and Java scripts - but limited to my somewhat basic HTML/Java skills. The new web-site has also been completely rearranged to allow easy future expansion without need for significant updates of existing parts.


Latest changes:
August 04: More photos added to galleries. More text added to photograpic hints. Index page design modified.
September 04: More search engines added. Some metatags added for use by search engines. E-mails rearranged and made SPAM proof.
October 04: Revised work related links.
December 04: A number of texts updated, and a new section on Internet hints added. See "Other" menu. Index page rearranged.
February 05: New links added. All advertising removed. Site map without frames added. Index page simplified and some information moved elsewhere.
March 05: Living in Russia story and pictures added. More high resolution images, and increased resolutions.
April 05: New banner introduced, another download program added, and a travel story from Svalbard.

To view my old site as it appeared before March 2004, please use the links below:

1. My old site copied to the new ISP here.Only plain text and photos. It is not updated anymore.
2. Enter my old web-site still at the original ISP here. It has been there since May 1996.

Thomas Høven

St. Petersburg, Feb 2005

(c) Thomas Høven 2005