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My WEB page contains some of my photographs and travel stories, but also something about me, my interests and work. The links are useful to me, and maybe for you. After selecting a page or link, use the back button on your browser to come back to this index page. These pages should work fine with any browser, but text based browsers like Lynx will not be able to view the pictures.

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Work address: thomas.hoven@siemens.com
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01. This section contain some info about this site
02. Some favourite web-site links
03. Some of my friends in cyberspace
04. Something about me, including a CV in English and Norwegian
05. This is a few words and pictures from my work at Kvaerner
06. Have a look at some of my photographs
07. A travel story from Egypt and it's fantastic monuments April 1995
08. Story and pictures about sailing across the Atlantic Ocean January 1996
09. A travel story from Borneo and diving at Sipadan February 2000
10. A travel story from Greece and Athens Fall 1997
11. A travel story from Northwest USA and Canada (great nature) Spring 2000

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