Info about this site

The main intention with these pages is to provide info about me to people on the net, and new people I meet, and to tell others something about what I have been doing and what my interests are. I hope you also enjoy my Photographs. I am an amateur with the camera, and like to push the camera button, and somtimes I think the result may be of interest to others too. The links are mainly for my own use, as I find it easier to keep them here than on a computer, since I use many different computers around that are connected to the net.

These pages were put on the net in May 1996, and remained almost unchanged until March 2000. They were then completely rewritten. These pages are kept technically simple to make them available to most people, independent of their equipment and abilities. This also keeps them quicker to load - there are still a lot of people out there with slow connections to the net. The pages are entirely made using a plain text editor, except my stories, where I use a word processor that can store the document as HTML.

You are not allowed to use the material found on this site without my written consent. The only exception is if you want to download to read offline. In this case you are not allowed to make the material available to anybody else. If you link to my site, the safest is to link to index.html, as the other pages may change names or locations. Page01.html, page02.html and so on is however, not likely to chance names. If you find useful hints in my HTML code, you are of course free to use that code.

Some of the photos in section 5 are not taken by me. In my commissioniong jobs, we have had digital cameras available, and several people took various shots and made them available to the entire project. All other photographs are mine (except those where I am in the picture), and I have originals on 35mm slides.

The animated GIFs are found on the net, and collected here for your convenience. I have put them all in one page. Please enjoy. If you hate waiting for animated GIFs to load, stay away from my page 99, as the rest of this site is guaranteed free from them. If you find material that is copyrighted, please notify me, and I will remove it.

Thomas Høven

Oslo, March 2000

(c) Thomas Høven 2000