Sites may be in Norwegian (N) and/or English (E) and are listed in the following categories:

1. Internet utilities and news
2. Computer related stuff
3. Organisations, hobbies and interests (to me)
4. Travel sites
5. Music and film sites including TV
6. Shops, services and related hints on the net
7. Sites with many links
8. Work related sites
9. Other sites

1. Internet utilities and news
Startsiden, Norwegian "startsite" with links & search engines. EXCELLENT (N)
Web based mail utility: Hotmail (E)
Web based mail and free homepage utility: Geocities (E)
Web based mail and free homepage utility in Norway: Start (N)
Google search engine (E)
Alltheweb search engine (E)
Findsame: Search engine for text strings (E)
FAST: Norwegian search engine (E)
Info on registering a .no domain on the net (N)
Cheap way to register a domain on the net (E)
Yahoo's hints on writing HTML (N)
Din Side, general and computer news (N)
PC World, computer news and a good product guide (N)
BIBSYS: Norwegian library search utility (N)
Elingo: Great language translation utility online (E)

2. Computer related stuff Great comparisons when buying computer stuff in Norway (N)
EFN: Elektronisk Forpost Norge (The Electronic Frontier in Norway) (N + E)
Linux site. Good for finding Linux stuff (E)
Red Hat, the Linux I play with occasionally (E)
Creative labs (Sound cards & more) (E)
Iomega ZIP & other Iomega stuff (E)
ATI video cards & more (E)
Norwegian resource site for Microsoft Flight Simulator (N)

3A. Organisations, hobbies and interests: Scuba diving
Bærum Undervannsklubb, my Norwegian scuba diving club (N)
Norwegian Scubadiving Association (N)
Lunarfins: A Houston, TX scuba dive club (E)
Bladet Dykking, "yellow pages" of a Norwegian dive magazine (N)
Good Norwegian site on scuba-diving (N)
List of US dive clubs (E)

3B. Organisations, hobbies and interests: Sailing
Lots of info on boating and sailing + links! (N)
Lots of links on sailing. (N)
Lots of ads on boating. (N)

3C. Organisations, hobbies and interests: Photography Norwegian site on digital cameras (I have contributed too!) (N).
Oslo Kameraklubb. Cameraclub - Some nice photos. (N)
Norwegian site on photo, ads, photographers etc. (N)
FAQ site on old Nikon cameras (permanently removed?) (E)
Another independent Nikon site (guess what camera I own) (E)

3D. Organisations, hobbies and interests: Other
Dataamatørforeningen (a computer club in Oslo) (N)
Oslo Seilflyklubb. Oslo Gliding Club (N)
Norsk Astronautisk Forening (Association for space related issues)(N)
Aperitif: Cooking and wines etc. (N)
NAF: The major Norwegian car owners association (N)

4A. Travel sites NORWAY
Trafikanten. Info on public transportation in Oslo (N)
Lots of info + maps on Oslo (N)
Map with address search in Oslo & Akershus (good) (N)
Oslo airport info including info on flights (N + E)
Good search engine on travel in Norway (N + E)

4B. Travel sites WORLD
Travel Advice Unit, (UK gov.) Info on all countries (E)
National Geographic top 50 travel destinations (E)
Excellent on US national parks (official site) (E)
List of all airlines and airports in the world (E)
Book hotels etc. worldwide (E + 18 other languages)
Car rental, particularly in the US (E)
Rideseek - travel together by sharing expenses (E)
Norwegian shopping mall for travels (N)
Good searh engine on various countries (Swedish)
Yahoo travel: Good thematic search engine (E)
Lonely Planet: Woldwide travel. Lots of links for each country (E)
SAS airline (E)
A different kind of safari (E)
Traver agency in Norway offering special trips (N + E)
Traver agency in Norway offering special trips, focus on diving (N)

5. Music and film sites including TV
MP3: Lots of download music, and players (E)
IUMA: Lots of download music (E)
NRK Norwegian public television (we all HAVE to pay for) (N)
SVT Swedish public television (that THEY have to pay for) (Swedish)
TV2 The best commercial TV station in Norway (N)
TV Norge The runner up commercial TV station in Norway (N)
TV3 Scandinavian TV station with more commercials than those above (N)

6. Shops, services and related hints on the net
Gule Sider Norwegian yellow pages with search engine (GOOD) (N)
Forbrukerrådet: Takes care of consumer interests in Norway (N)
Skandiabanken: Internet-banking with high interest and low expenses (N)
Great if you want to buy a car in the USA (E) Get the best price in Norway - compare. (N)
QXL: Auctions on the net. Sell & buy stuff. Good. (N)
ELFA: Electronic component supply. Expensive, but quality supply. Have retail shops (N)

7. Sites with many links/links to links (and little bullshit around it)
Diverspace: Diver's links to links (E)
Diver's links to travel destinations(E)
River Rat's Dive Links (a lot of them!)(E)
Lots of photography links to links (E)
Praveen Murthy's photography links (E)

8. Work related sites
Siemens International. (E)
Siemens Norway. (N)
Statoil. (N + E)
Norsk Hydro. (E)
Royal Dutch/Shell Group. (E)
EDSA Europe: Unitech.(E)
Skipselektroteknisk forening (The Norwegian Marin Electrotechnical Association)(N)
Norsok: Standards for Norway's oil industry. (E)
IEC: International Electrotechnical Commission (E)

9. Other sites
The Norwegian Parliament (N + E)
The Norwegian Government (N)
Norwegian National Library (N + E)
Oslo Likningskontor (Oslo tax authority) (N)
Weatherforcast in Norway + links to others (N + E)
Air pollution levels in Norwegian cities (N)
Statistisk sentralbyrå. (Statistics Norway) Konsumprisindeks etc. (N + E)
Houston official website (E)
FINN: Excellent on classifieds and jobs in Norway (N)
Fantastic sun pictures by the SOHO satelite (E)
SETI: Let your PC search for ET when you don't use it (E)
Sherman's lagoon comic strip home page (E)
Peanuts and other comic strip home pages (E)
Check this link further, add /ups/comics/ch (E)

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